Travel Tips

Travel Tips

A few of the travel tips we’ve picked up along the way to make travel a little easier with kids.

Potty Training Travel Tips

Potty Training Tips for Tots that Travel

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Before the decision to start potty training (which was led by the toddler) we had booked our ‘E’ weekend to Edinburgh. This meant flights, lots of distractions and unknown distances until the next toilet…..just perfect for a newly potty trained toddler.

We have lived with the mind set that when you have kids, you shouldn’t have to limit your travel plans. You should just adapt and adjust. Even for us, this was a little bit of a daunting challenge to face up to so we asked a few other family travel bloggers for some advice on how to tackle it…read on for some hints and tips. 

Ferry Travel Tips

10 ways to make travelling on a ferry with small children smooth sailing

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I thought I’d ask a few other bloggers for some hints and tips to make ferry crossings with kid’s smooth sailings. I’ve combined that with our experiences from the past few years. As a result I’ve come up with this handy post. Read more to hear what they said.