South Wales Local – Child friendly Walks and Days Out

South Wales Local – Child friendly Walks and Days Out

We like to spend our weekends, when we’re not exploring the rest of the UK to explore South Wales. Often getting outdoors for a walk. We used to hikes of miles. Now our kids enjoy taking their time. Ambling along, taking in the scenery and spotting local wildlife. They like to go all Peppa Pig, splashing in puddles and finding just the right kind of stick. As a result, our walks have gotten shorter for the time being. I thought it may be useful to start documenting where we’ve been in our South Wales Child Friendly walks section. So if you need some inspiration to try somewhere different, we might be able to help!

Just look at the map to get an idea of where you want to head. Then click the blog posts to find out more. As we build up our walks, there is not a particular order to them but I will try and categorise them for the future.

Find where you’d like to take your walk: Then click on the link below to find out more!

south wales map

South Wales Child Friendly Walks

1: Toddle friendly mile walk in Usk: Castles, Tunnel, Bridges, Woodland and a play park plus the chance to take in this lovely town.

2. A Stroll around Heath Park, Cardiff with Under 5’s: Miniature Railway, Play park, Pond, and Woodland with local wildlife, this ones a great short toddle at just over half a mile that lets your toddler move at their pace.

Let me know if you have any favourites and we’ll head out and give them a try!