Holidays Abroad – Europe with Kids

Holidays Abroad – Europe with Kids

We’ve always liked to go to new places abroad and explore, having kids hasn’t changed this. Our ways of travel might have been tweaked to make life a little easier however! We’ll documents the itineraries here (which will mainly be Europe with Kids) especially paying close attention to highlights for parents and for kids.

Italy – Europe with Kids

10 days of Lake Como, Piza, Cinque Terre and Milan with copious amounts of gelato in Northern Italy


cinque terre
Swimming in Cinque Terre 


Mix together a grand serving of culture, an unlimited buffet of beautiful landscapes and  a pinch of wild swimming. Furthermore, round it off with a daily dose of gelato and an agenda to keep any age of child happy.  Liking the sound of that menu, then Northern Italy is for you. Read the full post including the full itinerary here