About – Have Kids Will Travel UK

About – Have Kids Will Travel UK

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Welcome to Have Kids Will Travel UK – We’re the Yorkies and we love exploring……

…..We did it as much as we could before we met. Then as a couple and now with two kids in tow. Mike is self-employed (check out www.mywooddesigns.co.uk to see what he does) and I work as a job-sharing culture manager. Finding time to take those wanderlust holidays can sometimes be a challenge. With that in mind, we wanted to try and still satisfy our exploring bug in the time we had available. Which is where the idea of a weekend challenge in addition to holidays when we can fit them in.   We are the proud parents of two children, Millie (5) and Austin (1). Welcome to Have Kids Will Travel UK !

What’s the A-Z challenge?

We intend to use our spare weekends to explore parts of the UK that we have never seen before. Furthermore we’ll try and squeeze in all there is to offer and to do it in an A-Z order. We’ll be documenting our trips to make it easy for you to recreate them. We’ve been doing this on Instagram for a little while now.

If we love travel so much, why don’t we travel full-time?

Well, we love to travel. Like most, we’ve fantasied about selling up, quitting the rat race and travelling the world…. I’m sure most of us have had the same thoughts now and again. Especially when those lovely Kevin McCloud type programmes pop up on our telly. The reality is that I’ve (that’s me, Jemma, mother of the clan) done a fair bit of travelling.  First of all I  know that those times make up some of the best that I’ve had. I have amazing memories of it, however (wait for it) sometimes being on the road all the time does get a little tedious (gasp – there, I said it!).

I remember longing for my own fridge to fill with my own food, rather than having to share it with dozens of other backpackers. Your name plastered all over it and still have things go missing. A sense of longing for my own bed and some privacy. I also remember missing my family. A feeling  of getting a little bored of seeing yet another museum with similar content and yet another church or castle or lake. Then there is having to survive on a shoestring budget all the time. I don’t want travelling to become like that – I want it to feel new, fresh and like I’m exploring somewhere.

What else keeps us from travelling full-time?

The other thing is, I like where I live. I enjoy my job-share arrangement and my husband loves his business. My children are settled with regular childcare, some of which comes from family who they adore. Plus I’m starting to enjoy a little bit of a comfier lifestyle.

So where is that happy medium? How can you still explore, travel, inspire interest and engage kids brains whilst getting out there and having lots of lovely family fun and exercise and still fit this around normal life? The change started when I took a full-time job and wanted to still explore, so I took three week backpacking trips.  I have traveled a lot of Eastern Europe, some of South America and Indonesia through breaks lasting around three weeks. I did some of these trips with my husband, Mike who shares the same travel passion as me but didn’t have the same opportunity as I had.

So what’s the compromise?

Once the kids came along, we wanted to still travel in the same way but found that we needed to do a little more planning to ensure that we had a great time. Recently, Mike has become extremely busy at work and has booked himself out for the next six months meaning no holidays for us. For me the prospect of having no holiday to look forward to in the near future was one that didn’t bear thinking about.  I started to think about how I could bring a little bit of that travelling vibe to our life without having to take weekday time off.

At the same time, Millie had been obsessively reaching for any type of magazine, workbook or game that helps her learn the alphabet. Add to that my love of lists (and spreadsheets whilst we’re at it) and an idea started to form about what we could do. Realising that we haven’t in fact seen a lot of the UK and that Mike had never even been to Scotland, we thought that was a great place to start. We would go to a different place whenever we had a spare weekend and could budget for it and theme the visit around a letter of the alphabet, starting with A and ending with Z. We’ve continued this and now we’ve moved on from a focus on the alphabet to a focus on vocabulary as she’s grown.

What will you get from our blog – Have Kids Will Travel UK?

Our aim on this blog is to be a source of ideas for UK weekends away with little ones. They are aimed at toddlers, pre-schoolers and reception aged children like our own. They encourage adventure, inspire exploration and improve letter recognition and expansion in vocabulary.  We’ll do the preparation by visiting and reviewing a selection of places. We’ll pay special attention to how the little ones view them. You then just have to find a spare weekend to enjoy the fun! We’ll also be enjoying any holidays that we do manage to fit in. Like always, we’ll share any hints and tips along the way.

We’d love to hear from you!

We’d love to hear suggestions of where you’d like to see us go next just contact us.

We are open to travel and child related opportunities. If you’d like to work with us, click the link below to find out more about what we can offer.


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