The HighWay Rat Trail – Did it Stand and Deliver?

The HighWay Rat Trail – Did it Stand and Deliver?

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On a weekend away to Devon, we found ourselves in need of some fresh air in our lungs and the ability to fully stretch our legs. The reason? We’d come away to celebrate a big birthday with the family, all seventeen of us, seven of those being kids and it had rained pretty non-stop since getting there. We saw that there was due to be a lighter spell of rain amongst the downpours and decided that for the sake of our sanity, we needed to find somewhere that the kids could run free for a few hours and have some fun. After some quick googling, we found that we were close to Haldon Forest  and they had on a Highway Rat Trail. Seeing as the kids had watched it at Christmas and had received the book and were addicted to it.

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Glad to be outdoors!

The parking is plentiful but you have to pay – see here for details  . Once we got there, we headed to the rangers station where we picked up activity packs for the kids (priced at £3) each. They included:

  • Activity leaflet and sheet (giving them things to do along the way)
  • A Highway Rat Mask (which was immediately donned by both kids)
  • Stickers of the characters
  • A pencil and a crayon
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The Kids were obsessed with their masks after picking up their activity packs

You can do the trail without paying for the pack but it does add to the experience. Our two (5 and 2) loved the masks and the stickers but didn’t pay too much attention to the activity leaflet.

The trail is clearly marked and is approx 1.5 miles long and pram friendly (although very muddy in places due to the amount of rainfall!)

There are lots of signposts along the way with characters, for the kids to spot, information about animals that live in the woods and little challenges for the kids to complete. In addition, there are little posts with metal pictures for the kids to collect rubbings with their activity sheet and crayons.

Alongside the Highway Rat Trail, there are other things to keep the kids amused along the way apart from the obvious sticks and puddles which always provide endless amusement. There are wooden chimes for the kids to hit, small wooden houses for them to let their imagination run wild with and tunnels of trees for them wonder about the existence of fairies.

2018-01-20 12.34.23-3

The scenery of the walk is fantastic giving you brilliant views across the countryside once you break through the wonderful woodland.

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It was a fantastic morning spent and one the kids thoroughly enjoyed. We’d recommend it and it did the trick for the kids – they were spent by the time we returned back to our cottage.

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What do you think, did we capture the right one?

You can visit the HighWay Rat Trail at any of the Forestry Commission sites listed on this site that also has a handy map to show you your closest one. 

Have you been?


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