Toddler friendly mile walk in Usk

Toddler friendly mile walk in Usk

A toddler friendly mile looped walk around the lovely town of Usk. You’ll take in a Castle, woodland, tunnel, canals, bridges and a park as well as the town. Perfect distance for under 5’s with plenty of places to stop and take a break.2018-03-03 00.15.07

Where: Welsh Town of Usk

Length of Walk: 1.9km/1.18 miles

Parking: Use the Car park for Usk castle which is signposted not far from the town centre (post code NP15 1SD)

Pram friendliness: You can do it with a pram but it will need to be carried down and up a few steps by the bridges. The path through the wood isn’t the easiest for them but is doable as we managed it.

Usk map


Park at the Car Park for the Castle. You can either choose to explore the Castle at the start or end of the route. The Car Park is free and the entrance to the Castle is free but donations are welcomed. You can find more information about the Castle here. 

The views are lovely of the surrounding area and it’s a great little castle for exploring, with some fab little tree swings and plenty of hiding places for little ones to discover. They family that look after the place also keep chickens which always delight the kids.

From the castle, head up the hill, past the campground, following it round to the right then taking a turn to the woods on the left. It’s a pretty little trail through the woods where there are plenty of sticks to find.

2018-02-25 16.42.24

The path starts to descend and at the bottom of the hill will swing to the right. You’ll see the tunnel to the right hand side (note: I’m sure there is a path to go around the back of the castle so you can naturally walk through the tunnel but we didn’t take this route. We just let the kids go in the entrance of the tunnel and try and make some echo sounds)

2018-02-25 16.47.50

Once you’ve had your fun with the tunnel head the opposite way towards the bridge, it’s an ironbridge with quite tall sides meaning you’ll have to lift the kids up so they can play pooh sticks but you get quite a nice view!

2018-02-25 16.53.14

Once you’ve crossed over the bridge, take the steps down on the left hand side to walk alongside the canal. You’ll come across some open park ground and at the end of the field will spot a kids park that makes a nice place to have your next stop.

There is a little path running alongside the river which will link you to the second bridge where you can finish the walk through the centre of the town and back up to the Castle Car Park.

Let me know if you try the walk! Why not check out more of our walks on South Wales Local – Child friendly Walks and Days Out

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