5 Child Friendly Outdoor Adventures in Killarney

5 Child Friendly Outdoor Adventures in Killarney

Killarney is one of our favourite places to explore, so much so that we even ended getting married there a few years ago. Since then we’ve loved coming back to seek out some of the gems from a small persons view.


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Millie walking on a fallen tree trunk near Torc waterfall 


Here are some of our favourites

  1. Torc Waterfall

Just on the outskirts of Killarney on the Muckross Road lays a dramatic waterfall set in a picturesque wood that you can almost imagine being full of fairies and leprechauns. You can take a jaunting car, a normal car or hire a bike to get her but you’ll be glad to know for those with recently potty trained toddlers there are toilets handily at the entrance to the trail.


Torc waterfalls
Paddling in the waterfalls at Torc 


The trail is about 100m long, is buggy and toddler friendly and ends at the splendid Torc falls. There are a few points that you can get down to the falls/river (the little ones will need a little help as the rocks are slippery) to splash to their hearts content. One to pack the wellies for!


Throwing sticks and stones into the river just down from Torc 


2. Dinis Cottage Trail

A lovely 2km stroll past the stunningly beautiful lakes of Killarney National Park ends up in the most delightful way. A cozy little cottage which was once a hunting lodge is set at the meeting of the waters. Not only will you be taken aback by the amazing views and the chance to see some wild deer but the cottage conveniently now houses a café with homemade cakes that act as a most delicious reward to finish off the stroll.


The lake views on the trail 


Austin loved watching the boats coming in from Muckross house which you can also catch if you fancy an alternative way to get the cake without the effort and all the enjoyment!


File 30-11-2017, 18 44 14
The boat coming in from Muckross house 


3. Muckross Traditional Farm

Set within the Muckross House grounds, the traditional farms transport you back in time to an Ireland of past. The kids have enjoyed this as it’s quite interactive experience, they had the opportunity to roll butter, bake some bread and meet the farm animals as we wandered amongst the buildings.


2017-11-30 20.17.32
Rolling Butter at the traditional farms 


There is an excellent play park there that the kids enjoyed making it an all round lovely outing. This is the only one that is a paid attraction.


2017-11-30 20.17.37
Petting the goats at Muckross 


4. Ross Castle

A rustic castle set by the edge of a lake where your kids can pretend to be knights of the realm or real life Rapunzel’s , if they get tired of the make believe world, they can watch the world go by on the lake in the form of kayakers, swans, ducks and even the odd deer coming down for a drink.


Ross Castle 


Just behind the castle is a boating house where a multitude of bold coloured boats line up next to each other begging to be taken out for a ride. What more could you want? Ice-cream, yes, you can get that too!


2017-11-30 20.17.24
The boats behind Ross Castle 


5. Gap of Dunloe

Do your kids want to try a few different transport methods in one day? This is the place for you! A gorgeous 11km mountain pass that meanders along a river and ends up by the lake is a sight for any nature lover. There are a few ways you can tackle this, you can rent a bike from a few places on Muckross Road (they accommodate children in all ages) and get the blood pumping. Or you can rent a local jaunting car (horse and cart) that will take you to the lake, then take a boat back to Killarney.

Dinis walk

Last thing – you’ll need your waterproofs and your wellies – there is a reason this country is so green!

What about you, where are your favourite places in Killarney to discover with your little ones? Let us know and we’ll update our list!


Picture of the Gap of Dunloe courtesy Tourism Ireland. We actually balanced our camera on this bridge to take a picture and lost it when it was much higher and faster than this!


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